Alarm Siren Air

The must-have addition for comprehensive, reliable burglary protection in the smart home. With a blasting alarm tone and flashing light, your smart home will be ready to defend itself and scare away potential burglars.

  • Loud alarm tone
  • Bright flashing light
  • Tamper protection
  • Visual warning
  • Quick & easy installation

234,00  +PVM

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Alarm Siren:
reliable burglary protection

The Loxone Alarm Siren helps smart homes and businesses put up a strong defence. With flashing LED lights and a high-pitched alarm tone, it creates the best chance of scaring off potential burglars. It’s a must-have addition for security that offers all-round protection in smart homes, commercial premises and custom applications.

Phases of defense

Alarm activated

Silent alarm

Audible alarm

Visual alarm

Alarm off

Mockup: Alarmanlage aktiviert

Activate alarm

The alarm system is activated with the ‘House Off’ function activated via a switch or via the app. Simple and secure.

to deter burglars

Placed in a conspicuous location on the outside of your home, the Alarm Siren can act as a visible deterrent against potential intruders. Having smart security functionality is one thing, but having a deterrent could mean would-be burglars don’t even get close enough to trigger the alarm.

Four safety features

Bright flashing light

In the event that the burglar alarm is triggered, three strong LEDs begin to flash at maximum brightness. The high quality of these LEDs ensures they are still reliable for years to come.

Loud alarm tone

Any intruder will know straight away that they’ve picked the wrong home to target thanks to a loud alarm tone. It’s piercing enough to have opportunistic thieves thinking twice and heading for the hills.

Tamper sensors

If someone dares to try tamper with your Alarm Siren, a loud siren tone will be immediately triggered. You will also receive a notification on your smartphone.


When installed correctly, the IP44 enclosure is both splashproof and protected against condensation.

Installing and commissioning

Thanks to both the Loxone Air and Tree technology, you can find the right technology for any installation. Coupled with the know-how of a Loxone Partner, the Alarm Siren can be installed and commissioned in record time.

The award-winning Loxone Tree Technology is a free-form wiring topology; reducing the cable required to create automation – whether in a smart home, commercial building or custom application. If the installation presents the opportunity to pull cables, then the Tree variant is the way to go. An ideal option for new builds.

Loxone Air is a purpose-developed wireless technology that allows for the creation of automation in installations that may not present the chance to pull cables. Our wireless range of products offer intuitive automation and control without compromising on functionality, making Air the perfect solution for retrofitting and renovation projects.

Ready to protect in record time

Made to last

The supplied ferrules are coated with a special grease to prevent corrosion of the outer wires. The wires are connected reliably and are vibration-resistant by simply squeezing them together.

A single cable for all your Tree devices

No matter which Tree product you connect to the specially developed Tree Cable, it cuts down on both installation and configuration time. This makes it well-suited for the Alarm Siren.

Search. Click. Done.

Like all Tree and Air products, the Alarm Siren can be ready-to-go in almost no time at all. Once the device is found in Loxone Config, click and configure and you’re all set.

Installing Tree
Installing Air


Alarm Siren Tree

  • Alarm Siren Tree component
  • 4x 3M UY2 wire end connector
  • Mounting kit (4x anchors, screws)

Alarm Siren Air

  • Alarm Siren Air component
  • 2x 3M UY2 wire end connector
  • Mounting kit (4x anchors, screws)

Technical data