Atom Magnesium

Atom Magnesium

Compact universal controller for home and industrial automations. It is best suited for small scale automation projects or for engineering networks, where the main control channel is the RS-485 interface with the Modbus protocol. It can also be used to increase the number of inputs in large systems.

555,00  +PVM

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Functional elements

Atom Carbon N with numbers
1. 9-48V DCPower supply
2. CAN bus ensures synchronized operationof all Atom series devices
3. Integrate 3rd party devicesusing RS-485 interface
4. 3.3V portfor sensors power supply
5. 12 multifunction input ports (9 in N modification)for temperature, air quality, water leakage sensors and switches connection
6. Buttonsfor navigation and control of the OLED display menu
7. Graphic OLED displayfor control and monitoring (optional for N modification)
8. Ethernet port for network connectionPossibility of remote control using the phone or voice assistants (N modification)