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The battery powered Door & Window Contact Air quickly and reliably detects open or closed windows and doors. Seamlessly integrated into the Loxone Smart Home, it can be used for a range of clever security and energy saving functions.

  • Reliably detects open/closed Windows & Doors
  • Simple implementation of safety and energy-saving features
  • Unobtrusive design – available in White and Anthracite
  • Easy mounting on window and door frames
  • Wireless Loxone Air Technology built-in
  • 2-piece magnetic contact sensor

67,00  +PVM

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Reliably recognises open doors & windows

To help create a secure and efficient home, we would recommend installing contacts on all external doors and windows. Seamlessly integrated into a Loxone system, they provide more security in your home, help you save energy and much more.



Your Miniserver alerts you when doors and windows are opened without permission. No matter where you are, you are immediately notified of suspicious behaviour. You can check the status of your doors and windows at any time and from anywhere via the Loxone App.

Energy saving

If you open a window in a room that’s currently being heated, the Door & Window Contact Air will signal the Miniserver to lower the heating, ensuring you never throw money out of the window.


And more

If you have external blinds, the Door & Window Contact Air will ensure they remain retracted to prevent damaging your patio doors or bi-folds.

Want to keep tabs on how often the snack cupboard is raided? Here’s the perfect solution!


Easy to install. Discreet design.

The Door & Window Contact Air packs sophisticated technology into a small footprint, and can be positioned anywhere you need it.

Long-lasting battery

Battery operated via a coin cell battery with an expected life of up to 2 years.

Innovative Air technology

Easily integrated into a Loxone system thanks to our in-house wireless technology.

Additional button

When closed, the slider acts as a button that can be used for any function as part of the Loxone system.

Easy to install

Simply attach the sensor and magnet to the frame, door or window with the supplied adhesive tape.

Alarm stages of a Loxone system

If a burglar tries to break into the building, the Door & Window Contact Air immediately announces the attempted burglary. The alarm is triggered in several stages. Be it residential or commercial, the building immediately generates maximum attention to deter the intruder and informs you immediately about the events.

Alarm armed

Silent alarm

Audible alarm

Visual alarm

Alarm off

Mockup: Alarmanlage aktiviert Stufe 1 : Stiller Alarm Stufe 2 : Akustischer Alarm Stufe 3 : Optischer Alarm Mockup: Alarmanlage deaktiviert



  • 1x Door & Window Contact Air
  • 1x CR2032 Battery
  • 1x Magnet
  • 2x Adhesive tape
  • 1x Product Insert

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Door & Window Contact Air

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