Multi Extension Air

The most versatile Extension for retrofitters: Control lighting, measure temperature, integrate access control and much more! The Multi Extension Air is a real all-rounder for creating automation with the wireless power of Loxone Air!

  • Can be placed anywhere throughout your home
  • Integrated bi-stable relay
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Please note that you must have either a Miniserver and an Air Base Extension or a Miniserver Go in order to use the Multi Extension Air.

492,00  +PVM

- - -

The Multi Extension Air is capable of creating automation across a variety of projects, from smart homes to commercial premises and commercial applications.


With the Multi Extension Air there are no limits to wireless home control: switching loads, temperature monitoring, access control, connecting to sensors and keypads, plus so much more!

For the Garden

Installed in the garage, garden shed, or summer house, the Multi Air Extension Air can control your patio lighting, watering systems, and garage door. That’s one smart garden!

For the Pool

Refill water automatically, integrate a safety alarm, customise colourful lighting scenes, even activate a smart filtration system based on pool usage…together with the Multi Extension Air, the Loxone Miniserver will become your ultimate pool management system.


Please note: You must have either a Miniserver and Air Base Extension or a Miniserver Go in order to use the Multi Extension Air. 

What’s in the box?

1x Multi Extension Air

1x SMA Antenna