Nano IO Air

The Loxone Nano IO Air is the ideal retrofit option if you’re looking to automate your lighting, blinds, switches and more! The flush-mounted unit makes this possible with its two powerful 5A relays and six digital inputs

  • Ideal for automating lighting without chasing walls
  • 2 powerful 5A relays
  • 6 digital inputs
  • CE certified and tested
  • Works over Loxone Air – perfect for retrofitting

112,00  +PVM

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Integration of blinds, lighting and more

Two powerful 5A relays allow you to automate your lighting, blinds and more. With built-in wireless technology, the Loxone Nano IO Air is quickly and easily integrated into a residential or commercial building with minimum fuss*. It’s ideal for retrofitting.

*All wiring should be undertaken by a professional.

Smart Shading Nano IO Interface Slot Smart Lighting


Integrated Inputs of Nano IO Air

Integrated inputs for push buttons and more

The Nano IO Air has six digital inputs for the connection of push buttons, door contacts, water sensors and other 24V digital sensors.

Fits neatly behind the switch

With dimensions of 53 x 53 x31mm, the Nano Air IO will fit happily in the cavity behind most switch plates.

Fits perfectly behind the switch
Made for Loxone Touch

Loxone Touch made for Nano IO Air

The Loxone Touch for Nano is the add-on touch switch module for IO Loxone Nano Air. With a capacitive surface, five touch points and optional audible click feedback, the Touch for Nano is ideal for retrofitting alongside the Nano IO Air.

Certified and tested

The new Nano IO Air was – like all our products – developed in compliance with CE standards. It therefore meets the highest safety standards. Our hardware development team have worked hard to produce a compact module that boasts the maximum safety compliance.

Loxone Certified
Low Energy Consumption

Low energy consumption

All Loxone Air Products are designed to use as little energy as possible. In standby mode, the consumption of Nano IO Air is only 0.5 W.


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Technical data

Nano IO Air

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