NFC Smart Tags

With the new NFC Smart Tags, you can activate all your favourite Smart Home functions without opening up the App. Simply hold your Android device near one of the tags to trigger various actions around your home or open the app to a particular position.

  • Instant control of lighting, music, blinds and more
  • Lightning fast navigation through the App
  • Stick them anywhere you like – on the wall, in the car, under the table
  • Create and save NFC Smart Tag commands easily via the Loxone app
  • Safe: authentication through the Loxone App  (for security-critical commands we recommend using the Encrypted NFC Smart Tags)
  • 25 durable NFC tags with a permanent marker

28,00  +PVM

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NFC Smart Tags:
Simplify your routine

With the new NFC Smart Tags, you can activate all your favourite Loxone functions without opening up the App. Simply touch the smart tag with your Android device to perform an action of your choice: open the door, activate or deactivate the alarm, or open the app at a particular function.

Functions in a flash!

Streamline your mornings by closing your garage door from the car with your NFC-enabled device, for example.

Navigate the app

Navigate quickly to a room or a category in the free Loxone App with the NFC SmartTags and your NFC-enabled device.

NFC Smart Tags in action
– a few examples

This pack contains 25 NFC Smart Tags – 20 of them are printed with icons for the most popular Loxone functions (such as Alarm, Lights and Music). The remaining five tags are blank for you to label as you please with the included permanent marker. All 25 tags can be used for any function – here are a few examples:


An NFC Tag on your car dashboard would allow you to close the garage door behind you as you leave for work in the mornings by simply tapping your phone to the tag.


No more fumbling with alarm keypads – simply hold up your phone to the Smart Tag to arm and disarm your alarm.


An NFC tag could be used to open the front door, give access to a shed or unlock the medicine cabinet.

Switch Off

A quick touch of the NFC tag in the hallway could switch off the lights and kill the power to devices and appliances on standby.


Activate your favorite playlists easily with the NFC tag next to the mirror in the bathroom.

Create Your Own

Each pack contains five blank NFC Smart Tags and a permanent marker, so you can configure them to suit your needs.

How it works

Simply touch your NFC-enabled device to the Smart Tag to activate a function (such as switching on the lights), or alternatively, to navigate to a specific place in the app (such as the dining room lights).

Simple setup

It’s easy to configure these handy little tags in the Loxone App. We’ll show you how.

STEP 1: Open The App

Open the Loxone App. Under Settings, go to “NFC”

STEP 2: Select Action

Choose whether you want the Smart Tag to perform an action or be a shortcut to a specific part of the App.

STEP 3: Save

Navigate to the desired position or function within the App and save it.

STEP 4: Scan & Go!

Now simply scan your Smart Tag and you’re done! You can go ahead and place it in your desired location.

Tip: Enable Smart Lock on your Android device. This allows you to unlock your mobile device automatically when trusted locations or devices have been detected. If you make your NFC Tag a trusted device, you will be able to activate the tag without unlocking your phone (providing your phone is ‘awake’).

Authentication via the app

These NFC tags are authenticated via the Loxone app. The tags can only be learnt-in and used if your Miniserver is logged in on the Loxone App on that Android device. This device will also need to be able to establish a connection with your Miniserver. There is no special encryption of the tags

For safety-critical commands, such as opening the garage door, unlocking a door or deactivating an alarm, we recommend our Encrypted NFC Smart Tags. The technology and secure standard of these are similar to a chip bank card. The information on this cannot be read and your home will be safer for it.


Convenient connection

Why not place an NFC Tag on your distribution board to make it even simpler for guests to connect to the Loxone system? The IP address and username credentials are stored on the tag and transferred to the app. To connect to the Miniserver, the password must be entered on the app (the password is never stored on the tag). Convenient for you as a Loxone Partner to give your customers fast access to your test installation.


25 durable stickers

You will receive 25 NFC SmartTags crafted from robust PVC with an adhesive surface along with a permanent marker for self-labeling. With a diameter of 30mm and 1mm height, these little tags can be discreetly placed anywhere.


25x NFC Smart Tags (stickers)

1x Waterproof permanent marker pen

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