Pressure Sensor 0-6 bar

This 0-10V pressure sensor allows for accurate monitoring of pressure levels in various systems.

  • Measurement data with reference to a gauge pressure sensor
  • Measuring range from 0-0.3bar, or 0-6bar
  • Numerous applications such as process or process engineering, heating and ventilation, pump monitoring, general building systems, and much more.

130,00  +PVM

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Available in two versions, the pressure sensor can be used in diverse applications for pressure monitoring.

Pressure sensor 0-10V 0-0.3bar:

The pressure sensor 0-0.3 bar is ideal for pressure measurement in the lower range, for example, the water level in the pool. Automatic water re-refilling is easy and simple with the Loxone Miniserver.

Pressure sensor 0-10V 0-6bar:

The pressure sensor 0-6bar is suitable for monitoring pressure in a variety of different systems such as a pressure induced backwash process.  The 0-6bar sensor is also ideal for use in heating and ventilation applications.

With an integrated 0-10V transmitter, both sensors are suitable for all devices that can process a 0-10V standard signal:

Suitable for continuous use with the Miniserver and Extensions

Suitable for use on all devices that can process a 0-10V signal


Pressure sensor 0-10V 0-0.3bar:

  • Measuring range: 0-0.3bar
  • Output signal: 0-10 V
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC (15-30 V DC)
  • Overpressure: max. 2bar
  • Burst pressure: 3bar
  • Pressure connection: relative – 1.4404 – G 0.5 “external

Pressure sensor 0-10V 0-6bar:

  • Measuring range: 0-6bar
  • Output signal: 0-10 V
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC (15-30 VDC)
  • Overpressure: max. 12bar
  • Burst pressure: 15bar
  • Pressure connection: relative – 1.4404 – G ¼ “external


Datasheet for 0-0.3bar pressure sensor >
Datasheet for 0-6bar pressure sensor  >

Pressure Sensor 0 … 6bar

Product Datasheet

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  • 1x Pressure Sensor 0-10V