Remote Air

Operate your Loxone Smart Home quickly and easily with the new Loxone Remote Air, the remote control for your Smart Home!

  • Full control – 5 customisable buttons
  • At your fingertips and ready for action – access and use it quickly
  • Control your lighting, alarm, music etc.
  • Uses Loxone Air wireless technology

52,00  +PVM

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Full control

With the Remote Air, your customer can control their smart home or building automation functions of your choice such as lighting, blinds, music and much more. You can assign the five buttons according to their personal choice or stick to the standard button settings.

Remote Photo

Always to hand

The Remote Air is always at hand and ready to be used. With one click, your customer will have complete control over their Loxone system. Open the blinds, change the light mood, open the garage door, activate the alarm system, and more.

Based on Loxone Air technology

The Remote Air was created using Loxone Air wireless technology, which was specifically developed for Loxone systems. By using the Miniserver and the Air Base Extension or the Miniserver Go, the Remote Air can function as a handy controller for your home.

Miniservers and remote

Easy to use

In a residential or commercial building automated with Loxone, control is in the palm of your hand. Tise smart remote control can control a myriad of features according to your customer’s requirements. Whether it’s lighting, blinds, the garage door or security alarm.

Patio or Terrace
Activate the alarm
Multiroom audio system
Air Summerhouse

Use your Remote Air to control the lighting, blinds or music outside – whether on your patio or terrace. Lights on or off, shutters up or down, music on or off, change the music source… It’s convenient, quick and easy!

Air Garage

One possible use of this smart remote, which is based on the Air system, is operating your garage door. One click on the Remote Air and you can open or shut the door from inside your car.

Air Alarm

You can also use the Remote Air to activate or deactivate your alarm system. One click of the smart remote control switches the security alarm on or off. The exterior lighting will flash twice so that you know that the alarm system is now on.

Air Alarm

With one click, you can turn the music system in your Loxone Smart Home on or off, up or down, and change the source… Sounds great, right?


  • 1x Remote Air
  • 1x CR2032 Lithium Battery

Technical data

Remote Air

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