Atom Carbon +R12

Controller for powerful loads control and auxiliary equipment. Best suited for automation of electric heating devices – electric boilers (including three-phase), underfloor heating, heaters, boilers, and water heating servos.

991,00  +PVM

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Functional elements

Atom Carbon N with numbers
1. 9-48V DCPower supply
2. CAN bus ensures synchronized operationof all Atom series devices
3. Integrate 3rd party devicesusing RS-485 interface
4. 5V and 3.3V portsfor sensors power supply
5. 22 multifunction input ports (16 in N modification)for temperature, air quality, water leakage sensors and switches connection
6. Buttonsfor navigation and control of the OLED display menu
7. Graphic OLED displayfor control and monitoring (optional for N modification)
8. Ethernet port for network connectionpossibility of remote control using the phone or voice assistants (N modification)