Button Air

The Button Air enables the simple and quick triggering of almost any action. Thanks to comprehensive integration into your Loxone installation, many uses such as alarm sequence, opening & closing of doors and much more can be triggered.

  • seamless integration into a Loxone system
  • flexible placement thanks to Air technology
    • mounting plate for fixed positioning
    • button attaches to mounting plate magnetically
  • visual and haptic click feedback
  • LED can be freely assigned (coming soon with Config Release)
  • Cancel false alarms with a long press
  • splashproof (IP64)
  • battery-powered (2x AA batteries) with up to 5 years lifetime
  • no subscription necessary

93,00  +PVM

- - -

Wide range of functionality thanks to total integration

From triggering an alarm chain to automatically opening doors – the  Button Air is much more than a simple button. The wide array of possible uses for the Button Air is what makes it truly unique.

Example of where/how the Button Air could be used:

  • As an emergency button in a home
  • To open & shut a roller door in a warehouse
  • As a panic button under the counter in a shop
  • As a service button in a restaurant
  • As an emergency stop button for dangerous machinery
  • And much more…

Flexible placement thanks to Air technology

Next to the bed, in the bathroom, on the coffee table… the Button Air can be placed almost anywhere thanks to Air technology. Magnetic mounting and its non-slip base ensure sturdy fixation in a wide variety of locations.

Loxone Explained:  Button Air

Take a closer look at the Button Air and its wide-ranging capabilities in this video.



What’s in the box?

1x Button Air
1x Mounting Plate
2x Rawl Plugs
2x Screws
2x AA Batteries