Outside Temperature & Humidity Sensor

This 0-10V temperature sensor has a tough, weather-proof housing. It’s therefore ideal for accurate outdoor temperature measurement.

  • Ideal for outdoor temperature and humidity measurement
  • Can be used with any device which accepts a 0-10V signal

143,00  +PVM

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Application areas of the temperature and humidity sensor

The combination sensor combines a humidity sensor and a temperature sensor. Due to the rugged housing with an extended measuring tip, the combi-probe is optimally suited for outdoor installation.

The humidity sensor/temperature sensor is therefore suitable for any device that can process a 0-10V standard signal.

The combi-sensor is optimally suited for:

  • Measurement of the temperature in outdoor areas
  • Measurement of the relative air humidity in outdoor areas
  • Suitable for continuous use on the Loxone Miniserver or a suitable Extension
  • Suitable for all devices that can process a 0-10V standard signal

Please note: The tube of the sensor must be aligned upwards!

Outside Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Product Datasheet  /  Declaration of conformity

What’s in the box?
  • 1 x Outdoor Temperature / Humidity Sensor with 0-10V transducer
  • 1 x Datasheet