Touch Nightlight Air

The Loxone Touch Nightlight is more than just a light. It’s an alarm clock, night light, ambient light source and intuitive smart home switch all-in-one. Thanks to these features and its versatility, it is a great addition to every bedroom, from the master suite to a child’s bedroom.

  • Wake up alarm clock fully integrated with your smart home

  • Integrated colour-changing light

  • Ambient light source

  • Digital display of time and outside temperature

  • Incorporates a Touch Pure for intuitive control

  • Freely positionable thanks to Loxone Air technology

226,00  +PVM

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The Touch Nightlight – so much more than just a nightlight

Extensive Lighting Functions

Ambient Light
Light Alarm
In the master bedroom
In the children’s room

Whether you enjoy a cup of tea, a good book or a film before bed – the bedroom isn’t just for sleeping.

The Touch Nightlight subtly illuminates your bedroom in a range of colours. This ensures a pleasant atmosphere and your well-being.


As a light alarm clock, the Touch Nightlight can help you wake up in an even more relaxed manner. A light, which slowly increases in intensity can gently bring you out of your slumber. So you can start the new day full of energy.

Whether you need to visit the bathroom in the night or you start the day before sunrise, everyone could use a subtle unobtrusive light to help them navigate the room.

The Touch Nightlight guides you around any potential obstacles without disturbing your partner.

At night dreams literally come true and the little ones become superheroes, football pros or great explorers.

But these adventures don’t always run smoothly. Therefore, the Touch Nightlight has a built-in monster defence system. Well, it emits just enough light so that the little adventurers know that everything is fine should they wake up.


Operation has never been so easy with an integrated Touch Pure

The Touch Nightlight incorporates the Touch Pure which makes this a stylish point of control. The inputs are freely assignable, however, we recommend the larger centre touch point for lighting and the four corners for shading and music control.

Awake as you wish

The Touch Nightlight integrates seamlessly into your Loxone system and can be combined with a variety of smart functions.

Whether it’s through one of the five built-in alarm tones, a music alarm via the Loxone Audioserver or a light alarm clock, the Touch Nightlight can wake you as you wish. There are no limits to the combinations of these alarms, you can use all of them or just one.

Just five more minutes!
Touching the ‘alarm’ button disables the alarm. However, touching anywhere else on the Touch Nightlight sets the alarm into snooze mode. You can freely set the snooze duration in the Loxone App.

Intuitive Control

Despite its versatility, the Touch Nightlight remains simple and intuitive. One of the best parts of the Touch Nightlight is that you no longer need the app to set the alarm in your Loxone installation. You can set your desired alarm time for the next day using the buttons integrated into the Touch Nightlight. Of course, you can still use the app if you’d wish however now you have the choice.

Full app support

True to our philosophy ‘one app for everything’ we offer full app functionality for all of the Touch Nightlight features.

Everything at a glance

The full support of the Touch Nightlight in the app gives you an overview of all of the active alarms. If you like a lie-in at the weekend, no problem, simply create a different wake-up time.

Individual wake-up times

Set individual wake-up times in the Loxone App and let yourself be gently woken.

Many more possibilities

In the Loxone App, all of the necessary adjustments can be made to ensure that both falling asleep and waking up are as pleasant as possible. For example, you can individually define the display brightness of the Touch Nightlight for both its active and inactive states.


Maximum flexibility,
minimal effort

Thanks to Loxone Air technology the Touch Nightlight is ready for use in just a few moments. There is minimal installation effort as the device simply connects to the power supply via a USB cable.

Lower activation key

A short click on the lower activation button activates/ deactivates the alarm clock for the next day. A longer click allows you to set the alarm time.

Lower LED

The lower LED indicates whether there is an active alarm. If the snooze function is activated this LED on the Touch Nightlight will pulse to indicate this.

Click feedback

You can choose whether the Touch Nightlight gives a subtle acoustic click feedback when touched.

Individual alarm tone

The Touch Nightlight has five different alarm tones. You can easily change the volume of each of these tones in the Loxone App.

When using the Loxone Audioserver, the Touch Nightlight’s alarm tone can be deactivated. This way your favourite song can wake you instead.

Noticeable quality

Thanks to the high-quality workmanship and the selection of exclusive materials, the Touch Nightlight has an extremely premium finish. It’s also very practical with rubberised feet providing the Touch Nightlight with a stable base.

Integrated alarm functions

The Touch Nightlight becomes an integral part of your both your burglar alarm system and your fire & water alarms. When an alarm is triggered, the Touch Nightlight reacts first with an acoustic click, then with an acoustic alarm tone and finally with a visual flash.


1 x Touch Nightlight Air
1 x USB power supply with 3 country adapters
1 x USB A to Micro B cable (Power only)
1 x Quick Start Guide


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Touch Nightlight Air

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